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Sara-Tuva is an experienced and multifaceted Production Designer within commercials, features, stills and tv, who also does interior design.


 She`s a great carpenter and not afraid to try solutions that will bring that little extra on set. Sara-tuva is very hands-on and a doer!


She is very talented and also very organized in her work and no project is too small or too big for Sara-Tuva.

  One day she’s standing on a small production with few people, and next she’s the supervisor for a studio construction along with a whole team.


Sara-Tuvas works in sketchup and handmade construction drawings and illustrations

and is trained in art and design


She loves to work as a part of the creative team with DoP, director and others.


Sara-Tuva is a well structured Production Designer and has good control of budget and planning.

  She’s always positive and brings great energy to set.


After studying Art History at Stockholm University, Sara-Tuva continued her studies at The Scandinavian School for Stage Designers / Production design, from which she graduated in 2004.









OHB Nordica, 
 Danonino, Novalukol, Oskar Lindros/Recycled, SPP, Quorn, 
 Glensidige, Durex, Hewlett and Packard. 



I nöd och lust, Kommisarie späck, Stig Helmer story, Rallybrudar, I skuggan av värmen, Ett öga rött, Lilla jönssonligan på kollo, Storm, Hipp Hipp Hora, Offside.


Sommaren med släkten 2, 

Svartsjön, Boy Machine, Dubbelliv, Majken, Alena, Batter, Inte alla hästar i stallet, Forchecking morfar, En god dag, Kung Konrad, 27 Sek m snö , Modus 2,

Svartsjön 2



Tre dagar regn, Lilla Jönssonligan, Kristallnatten
, Utan titel, Siluett
, En Hyllning till fotbollen.



FLX / tv4, SVT, Filmlance int, Tre vänner, Acne, Göta Film, The producers, Jarowskij, Bob film,  Breida blick film, Berntzon /Bylund, Swefilm, ,Social Club, Flodell film, silvio entertainment, Bright moving pictures, Concha films, Happy Fiktion, Viking entertainment, GF Studios, Monkey blue university, Röde Orm film, DI, Junior entertainment, Daniel Andersson,  Rewir, Stars and angels, Le Kid, Play House, VasaTeatern, JudiskaTetern, Skånes Dansteater 

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